Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#hsSunFun First Day Activities

Looking for something good for the first day of school? Tired of reading your rules all day?

Yeah, me too.

Carol Leonard is collecting blog posts about what high school math teachers do on the first day (or first few days, even). We're stealing Julie's tag and calling it #hsSunFun (though you don't need to wait until Sunday to post!).

Check out Carol's post about how to get involved. If you're not on twitter, I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you posted a link in her comments.

I just realized that I'll be out of town on Sunday so that means I'll have to do this early. And I'm supposed to take my computer to the tech people at school tomorrow for an undetermined length of time, which means I need to do this tonight so I can look through my files. Could make for a busy night!

If you're looking for something to do around 9 pm Eastern tonight, Megan Hayes-Golding is hosting a talk via bigmarker about INBs. Check it out!

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