Sunday, December 14, 2008

I've added some new blogs to my Google Reader... here's what I found:

If there are any other good math ed blogs out there, I'd love to know about them!

We had an Elluminate session on Wednesday night for the PLP. I was able to do it from home, which was nice, but I was worried about how the kids (22 months and 4 1/2) would be while I needed them to be quiet and wasn't able to watch. They actually did pretty good noise-wise, but at one point I went into the kitchen and saw this:
She's a big cereal fan and I guess was getting hungry! My husband got home around 5:15 or so, which was good, but he went straight from vacuuming out the fireplace (noisy) to putting some shelves on the walls about 3 feet from where I was sitting (even noisier!).
I'm still struggling trying to keep up with everything. I love Tweetdeck - it summarizes Twitter so nicely for me, but I find myself checking it too often. I think the PLP ning is being affected by that, and my personal/kids blog isn't being updated as often, either. I just need to find a good balance, I guess.
I added a Twitscoop widget over on the side of this blog - thought that was pretty cool.
My precalc classes have their wikis due on Wednesday and have time in class tomorrow to work on them. I haven't checked - hope they look ok!

Friday, December 5, 2008

This Week

I tried my best to follow my new Twitter followees this week. (I'm the follower, they're the followees, right?) Boy, does that thing move fast! Tweetdeck helped a lot - it was nice not having to sort through all of the tweets, and it picked out the ones directed just to me (which I was surprised to actually get some!). But the time I spent catching up on that took away the time that I usually spend catching up on the PLP ning. And then there's my google reader...


I keep adding new things to follow/read, and yet I'm not getting any extra hours in the day to actually do it! Doesn't seem like a fair trade.

I assigned my precalc kids the wiki this week. After collecting all of their e-mail addresses (and everyone had one except one kid... I wasn't expecting that!) I added them as writers and now it's their turn to work. Hopefully it will turn out well. I reserved a cart of tablets for the kids to use in class on Monday (they have an assignment to do, too) so hopefully they will get started on their pages. I was planning on assigning it to my Algebra 2 kids, too, but couldn't pull the trigger. I'm not sure why, and maybe I'll still do it, but for now my instructions and everything are just sitting on my desk. Maybe I'll wait until later in the week next week and not have it due until after Christmas break.