About me

I started teaching in 1997 and have been at Anderson High School since 2001.  I've taught pretty much every class at the high school level from general math through precalculus.  (That's excluding discrete math and statistics, which I'm more than happy not to teach!)  My favorites are Algebra 2 and Precalc, though I'm always looking for ways to make them more fun for me and the kids.  Hence my foray into technology.

I currently have this blog going, as well as a class blog for each of the classes I'm teaching.  I'm also pretty active on Twitter (username:  @fouss ) which I have found invaluable to expanding my teaching.  If you are a teacher, are training to be a teacher, or are thinking about becoming a teacher, twitter is a wonderful resource!

My email address is klb925 at gmail dot com if you want to drop me a line!