Alg 1 Links

These are only organized in the order that I discovered them.  Sorting them will be my next task.

Yummy Math (real world applications)
Solving Equations Puzzle
Graphing is Great!
Solving an Equation for Y (with cups and kisses)
Golden Ratio and the Human Face
Systems of Equations
Systems of Equations
Solving Equations Webquest
Combining Like Terms game (description here)
Alg 1 powerpoints
Solving Equations Jeopardy style
Illuminations Order of Operations Bingo
Multiplication Game
Making Rectangles Group Activity
Domain and Range song
CK12 Algebra 1 Flexbook
Algebra Handouts and Worksheets
Algebra 1 Skill Builders
Algebra 1 Support Sheets
Algebra 1 Pre-Tests
Dan Meyer's Algebra 1 materials
Resting Heart Rate Activity
Rounding Numbers
Prentice Hall Activities
Dan Greene's Algebra 1 materials
CPM materials
Linear Equation Puzzles
Need Algebra article
15 Places to Learn about Algebra and Geometry
Algebra 1 Resources - Sequoia Middle School
Algebasics Algebra tutorials
Marcy Mathworks worksheets
Algebra 1 EOC Exam
Algebra Investigations
Solving 2-Step Equations Quiz
Solving 2-Step Equations practice
Leadership Public Schools online course
Algebra Cheat Sheet
Interactive Algebra
Transitive Property Video (American Dad)
Dan Meyer's Graphing Stories
Kuta Algebra 1 Worksheets
Solving Equations sudoku

General Resources
Alabama Learning Exchange
Project ideas 
Finger Multiplication trick
Online Math Help Resource
Algebraic Surfaces Gallery