Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A couple of things today. . .

I just saw that the Math Smart Notebook software has been released in its beta version. I'm currently uploading it to try it out! I don't use Smart Notebook much (when you write on it with the tablet it doesn't look very nice and I tend to be needlessly picky about that) but I might be persuaded to change my mind if there's some cool stuff!

There was a spammy e-mail sent to my school account about a Master's program in Education Design & Technology. Because I have nothing better to do (ha! There's a load of unfolded laundry sitting at my feet in a house that desperately needs vacuumed.) I clicked on it. It looks like a neat program (though I already have my master's) but do I really need a whole program? I think I'll try to be smart about it and just look for individual classes/seminars/conferences that interest me.

I just searched Flickr for a good picture of a laundry basket to put above. . . it's amazing how many cats and kids like to play/sleep in the baskets.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I haven't done much educationally in the past week (since getting out of school). Any time spent on the computer was me wasting time on facebook (probably playing Bejeweled Blitz, which I am unfortunately addicted to, or Chain Rxn) or checking e-mail. I keep thinking about school and what I would like to do before school starts but I've decided to give myself (and my kids!) some time off before I start tackling it all. And yet my new precalc materials are sitting in a chair in the corner of the kitchen tempting me! My 5 year old son is spending next week with my folks and I have a feeling that I'll pull out that stuff during my 2 year old's afternoon nap time.

I signed up to go to a tech workshop in August (Will Richardson will be speaking) that I'm looking forward to. Not necessarily for Will, but because there looks like there's going to be some good tablet-related presentations (and non-tablet ones, too). I expressed my interest in the 1-semester hour course that was offered... looks like we'll be reading through Will's book and trying some stuff out related to what the chapter was about. Hopefully I'll learn some new ways to do stuff (and hopefully it'll be an easy hour earned!).

I'm at the point now where credit hours don't do anything for me in terms of my salary, but unfortunately it's a necessary evil to be able to renew my license! And when they come cheap and interesting it's even better.

So until I delve into the fascinating world of precalculus, my time will be spent taking the kids swimming, to the zoo, to King's Island, to the library, cleaning, cooking, reading (hopefully), playing games on facebook, occasionally checking twitter, encouraging my little one to go potty (today was our first panties-wearing excursion!), and e-mailing. I think that'll do for a while!