Monday, July 9, 2012

School Supplies

I always love shopping for school supplies for my kids. It really wasn't until this year (and #made4math) that I started looking for me.

The other day @druinok revealed all of the stuff she'd gotten from a trip to Target. What did I do? I packed up the kids and off we went!

I wasn't as lucky.

Today I took the kids to Walmart to get my girl's kindergarten supplies (she's soooo excited for school!). And while we were there I did a little browsing. They've got some awesome $.88 bins with teacher-y stuff, so I went crazy!

Here's what I got:

Two packs of these cute file folders. ($.88 each)

12 rulers ($.25 each)

Five 2-packs of tape ($1 each) - a necessity if I decide to do interactive student notebooks

Random sharpies ($.88 each)

Cute binder clips (I loooove these things!)

Random word bubble things

Magnetic weekly schedule things

Little bins

Pencils ($1.12 a box) they're not Ticonderoga, but they'll do as loaners!

Now I just need to hide all of this before hubby gets home!


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Rulers are a quarter!! Woot!! Also, I always hide my "school supply addition" purchases from the hubby. He thinks I'm crazy enough about school as it is. Thanks for sharing!

KFouss said...

Mine's been spread out all over the dining room table... He hasn't said anything, so I'm hoping he thinks some of it is for the kids. :)