Monday, July 30, 2012

#Made4Math Monday (an update)

I stopped by school today just to drop some stuff off and ended up staying for a couple hours trying to fix my blackboard (which I posted pics of yesterday and just didn't like).

I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out now!

I started by taking down all of the wrapping paper that I'd put up. I found some forgotten border in my closet (some of which is pretty cute) and sectioned off a part of the chalkboard to use as a place to write assignments. We'd stopped at a nearby KMart where I found the colored tape. Now I'll just need to find my chalk holder - I hate the feeling of chalk on my hands!

Then I put up the yellow paper (the type from the big roll in the paper room).  I surrounded it by a cute red border with yellow pencils that I'd found at Walmart on one of my shopping trips ($.88).

I finished up with an orange section, again surrounded by a border I'd gotten at Walmart for $.88.

The natives (aka my 5- and 8-year old) were getting restless, so I had to leave the last section of board to finish up next time I go.  But I'm much happier with how it looks now, and I can even use the boards with their magnetic capabilities (see the clips attached?).

Many thanks to all of you who commented on my last post with ideas!  :)


druin said...

Okay... obviously I need another shopping trip! Love that border and I think it will work with @pamjwilson's Cornell bookmark too! I have to admit that I like the solid colors better :) Great job!!

Unknown said...

Love the changes to the boards! I definitely think you will enjoy them more with the flexibility that you have now.

MSeiler said...

I'm so stealing your M-F idea!!

Emily Clare said...

Thx for sharing your classroom!!! I can't wait to see/read what work you do with the students thi year!!