Monday, July 9, 2012

#Made4Math Monday (Week 2)

I had a lot of ideas running through my head after last week's post. First, I thought I'd steal @druinok's pringle can idea.

Luckily I have several friends who eat Pringles on a regular basis (saves me the calories!) and we're willing to share their empties. Add in some cool duck tape and voila! Pretty storage cans.
My plan was to go to school on Friday and get a bunch of stuff laminated (because I love me some laminating!). Luckily, I called first and checked to make sure that I could get to it; because of some painting they're doing in the media center the laminator wasn't accessible.  Boo. 
So this week I'm going to go non-creative and share what I put together last year when trying to do some planning for Precalc.  For the first time I'd given summer work to help me avoid having to spend weeks reviewing Algebra 2 topics once school started.  So then I had to go through the first chapter in the precalc book to figure out what had been reviewed and what needed to be.  
Here's what I've come up with for my first two chapters (working on chapter 3 + was on my #summerlist!)
Here's what I'm giving to fill in some of the holes...
Here's the rest of my chapter 1 stuff... still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do this year!


druin said...

I love love love your duct tape pattern! Thanks for sharing!

Fawn Nguyen said...

You and @druinok suck. Now I have to eat a few cans of Pringles and get all fat (I don't share my Pringles, against my religion) because I LOVE this idea. Since when did they make such pretty duct tape?!

LRieger said...

Excellent. What text do you use for Precalculus?

KFouss said...

@LReiger - It's yellow. (That's how I identify my books :) ) Just had to check. It's Larson's Precalculus With Limits (5th ed.)

And @Fawn - I looove pringles. But they totally live up to the "Once you pop you can't stop" slogan with me! The chips seemingly disappear as soon as I open the can. :)