Saturday, February 18, 2012

Things I've Tagged (weekly)

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Fawn Nguyen said...

Hello! I'm going through Math Teacher Mambo's [long!] blogroll and I'm only at the "M" mark from the bottom up too, phew. Then I find you tagged me on your weekly tags -- yeah! Thank you! I try to read up on my own blogroll weekly, and always finding new ideas. We're at the initial stages of creating electronic portfolios using Google, so I'm interested in what your kids are producing for their projects your "the results" post. Really like the livebinder that you have! Thanks so much, will definitely check back.

KFouss said...

Fawn -

You're welcome! Thanks for the ideas using the Barbies! I've done the Barbie Bungee activity in class a few times and the kids always have fun (some have a little too much fun) so I like the idea of doing the proportions with them too. I added your blog to my google reader and am looking forward to going back through it to find some other ideas! :)

And don't you just love Math Teacher Mambo? Seriously.

Rebecka Peterson said...

Thanks for tagging Web Equation! I haven't seen anything quite like it. I will definitely be putting it to use!

Thanks again,


KFouss said...

Rebecka -

You're so welcome! A tech coordinator at school sent me that link and I looooved it.

Now I just have to remember to use it :)