Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New projects!

Still working on those quizzes. How embarrassing.

I gave my precalc kids a project today:  present some of the trig angle formulas in an interesting way.  I offered several mediums to use (glog, prezi, song/video, board game, xtranormal) and let them choose which formulas to do. Options are sum/difference, half-angle, double-angle, and power reducing.

It was fun to hear them get started today!  There were a lot of fun ideas being thrown around that I hope are followed up on.  Some of these kids did some projects last year in Algebra 2 that were really impressive, so I know it's possible!

One thing I dislike the most about giving time to work on projects is that people don't use the time I give them. Lots of down time, lots of time just chatting. I'm hoping to avoid this by making them check in every day.  Today I set up a google form so they could submit their group members, topic, and how they're going to do it.  For every other day (tomorrow and Friday) I'm going to set one up so that they have to enter exactly what it is they've done for the day and what they still need to get done.  Basically, make them justify their use of 47 minutes.

Hopefully that'll help at least a little bit.

And while they're working I'm hoping to grade.  Bleh.

(Also, one of our tech gurus at school sent me a link to a Cool Tools for Schools website with lots of presentation ideas!)

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