Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three more days!

Only three more days until spring break!  (Can you all say it with me?  Ahhhhhhh.....)

I gave a quiz yesterday in Precalc over the law of sines, cosines, and oblique area formulas.  That's typically the last triggy thing we do and I was planning to move on to sequences and series today.

But with three days left before a week off?  And who knows how many absences on Friday?  No thanks.

Instead, I decided to give them an all-encompassing trig review (because you can never have too much trig!) and  an extra credit opportunity on Friday.  I found this "Finding your pot of gold" assignment a couple of years ago and haven't really ever used it - but it looks like fun!

(BTW, I just found this link from Richard Byrne over at Free Technology for Teachers that talked about a new feature from Microsoft where you can sync your documents to google docs.  It's called Cloud Connect.  Love it!)

I'm going to admit that the thing I'm looking forward to the most about being on spring break is not seeing my Algebra 1 class for a week.  They're driving me crazy.  At this point less than half of the class is passing (average is a 60.7%) and I told them today that if they don't want to pass the rest of the year, that's fine.  Just sit and be quiet.  The loud ones who don't care are being disrespectful, disruptive, and interfering with those students who are trying to learn.

I'm giving them this today so they can calculate what their final grade will be if they keep this up.  Maybe it'll open some eyes.

Nine more weeks....

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