Sunday, March 27, 2011

New phone for a day :(

I ordered a new android phone last week and was super excited when it arrived at my house on Friday afternoon.  Actually, it's not a new phone - it's a refurbished one (but it's new to me!) and I got it for free from my phone company.  I had a lot of fun playing with it and organizing it and downloading stuff (hello, Angry Birds!).  That fun lasted approximately 24 hours.

I was pumped about how well it fit into my back pocket (it's nice and slim) until I had to go potty.  Stood up, heard a splash.  Seriously?!

So now I'm trying to dry it out.  It's been in a bag of rice for a while, but the former white dots have turned pink (on both the phone and the battery) which, from my research, means that there's been water damage.  I'm hoping that the rice will fix the phone - I'd be ok with just having to buy a new battery for it.

The good thing is that I still have my old phone and it works fine, so if the new one's not salvageable, I still have a phone.  But I feel like the cell phone gods were just teasing me.....

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