Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Worst Day Ever

All kinds of stuff happened yesterday... I'm just so glad the day is over!

The good (?) news is that most of it had nothing to do with school.
  1. My little girl got sick at school (well, she had a tummy ache) and I made bunches of phone calls to get people to pick her up and watch her for the afternoon only to hear back from her teacher that she was now feeling fine.  Calls then had to be reversed.
  2. We had conferences at school, so I rushed home to get the kids from the babysitter to take to a friend's only to hear from my husband that he'd gotten off of work early and was just about home.  Basically, I wasted 20 minutes or so in the car.
  3. Made it back to school to find out that I couldn't get logged into my online gradebook. Panic ensued.  Turned out that it wasn't just me, so our assistant principal made some phone calls and got things figured out.  Luckily, I still had time to get some grade reports printed for parents.
  4. Conferences were fine (except for one mom who kept saying that "that one project" in precalc (which I looove) was keeping her son from an A+... said she was "just kidding".... but she kept saying it over and over).  More on conferences later.
  5. Got home around 9:00 to discover my 1st grade son's homework not done and both kids still up -  normal bedtime is 8:00.  I took both kids up to bed while hubby watched tv (!) and got head-butted in the nose by my son who didn't want a bedtime kiss because he was mad that I wouldn't give him any ice cream.  Thought I was going to die.  Ran downstairs crying and let hubby deal with now crying son.
  6. Did I mention that the Reds were no-hit in their first play-off game?  Ouch.  I had the tv on in my classroom (muted)... my principal walked in while I was talking to a parent and turned it off.
Glad that day's over.  Nose still hurts.

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Hedge said...

Ouch (literally). Remind me NOT to complain this week.