Friday, October 1, 2010


I think my first period class hates me.

Ok, this might be a little strong.  But every day I do my little song-and-dance routine and they just sit and stare at me.  No reaction.  You all realize, I hope, that I don't actually sing and dance (usually), but I try and liven things up with jokes and questions and such.  No reaction.  Trying to get answers out of them is like pulling teeth.

I'm trying to attribute it to the fact that it's 7:30 in the morning and they're really not awake yet, but it's starting to get me down.  I also haven't had a first period class for 7 years, so I really don't remember what it's like.  Is it this way everywhere?  Does your school day start so annoyingly early?

(The kids just asked me if I was a former Army sniper because I keep "shooting them down" and spotting their phones.  This is obviously not 1st period.  It's 7th period on Homecoming Friday... crazy time!!)

This makes me realize how much I rely on the kids for input and reaction.  I enjoy being here and being with the kids, but it's gotta be a reciprocal relationship.  I want the kids to have fun and look forward to coming to class.  Not getting any sort of reaction from them bothers me.

Are they learning?  Yep.  Is that enough for me?  It might have to be.


Anonymous said...

7:30?! I think you might just have to be happy that they show up! We don't start til 8:50 and I find that 1st period are always on the quiet side because not everyone is awake yet, I can't even imagine 7:30.

I guess no one at your school has read the research that says teenagers physically need to sleep longer than adults!

Kim Hughey said...

We start at 8:30 and my 1st period is the same way. I try to incorporate a lot of communicating amongst the students during the lessons, but getting this class to talk to someone around them about an answer they got is like pulling teeth.

KFouss said...

I'm glad to know it's not just me!

All of the schools (that I know of) around us start early like that. It's great for the after-school activities/sports/jobs but stinks royally in the morning. And you know those kids are staying up til midnight or later!