Sunday, August 29, 2010

Prep time!

My first quizzes in Algebra 2 and Precalc are scheduled for Tuesday; I told the kids that they wouldn't have a new assignment tomorrow (Monday).  Instead I just want to give them time to ask questions and get things set so they're ready for Tuesday.  I have no idea what/how many questions they'll ask, so I'm preparing some slides for a trashketball game for extra review problems.  Hopefully they'll enjoy it as much as last year's classes!

One problem, though.  My tapeball has disappeared.  I tore my room apart looking for it to no avail.  Hopefully I have some masking tape here at the house!

Here are the Algebra 2 slides... haven't done the precalc ones yet, but they'll mostly be equations of lines and solving quadratics.  Fun.

Just a note on the slides.... they're actually set up so that the answers "fly" in on a click of the mouse.  They're not there when the kids first see the problem!

Oh, and my husband is currently at his fantasy football draft (I love me some sports, but this I really don't understand.).  He asked before he left if he could take my laptop with him and was disappointed when I said no.  School has started and I have work to do, so it's all mine!

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