Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Day Solutions?

I asked on twitter what other people do on the first day and got these replies...

from @JackieB:  Have kids do "about me" sheet, hand out syllabus (without going over), get started on a "good problem" in groups (such as this)  (I also like this problem that I have saved)

from @jreulbach: Do learning style survey (pages 18 - 23 ) and birth-order activity

from @MisterLemus:  Changes yearly. Has given math attitude survey, introduce themselves by picking a fraction that describes themselves, frequency table of birth month, name tag activity (good for homeroom?)

from @ecmorrell:  Complete get-to-know-you sheet, then teach lesson (in 90-minute block period)

Pretty good responses for a mid-Sunday afternoon query!

My evening update:
I had a few more responses this afternoon!  Some great ideas...

from @Stelladuma: Give this problem to Algebra 1 and discuss strategies

from @AmberDCaldwell: This numbers "quiz" about the teacher

from @park_star: A math bingo review sheet; students work with other students to get answers to squares

from @jamierykse: A pop quiz (again, about teacher) - looks fun!

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