Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day!

I keep telling everyone it's like Christmas for math teachers. And yet I think I'm the only one at my school who celebrates it.  (Everyone else seems to go along with me good-naturedly... and probably laughs at me behind my back. :))

Today is all about pi. I've been scurrying around all morning (while doing "hall duty" for the OGT) trying to make sure I'm ready. It didn't help that I was only here half-day yesterday because I had to take my kid to the doctor.  (His finger was swollen about twice the normal size and turning green. I thought I should give in.)

The majority of what I'm doing today was stolen from shared by Jessica (@algebrainiac1) at a Global Math Department meeting a few weeks ago. I adjusted/added a couple of things.

I'm setting up the following stations:

1.  Given 7 different size triangles, use yarn to measure their circumference and diameter. Find the ratio.  Then average the ratios.  How close are you to pi?

2.  Look up your birthday in pi.

3.  Read an article about Albert Einstein (it's his birthday today!). Then try to draw a perfect circle. I'm providing a half sheet for them to draw on and a circle printed on a piece of laminate for them to check to see how well they did.

4.  Complete a word search using phrases dealing with pi.

5.  Read an article about using tau instead of pi and then fill out a unit circle with tau values. (I'm only giving this to my precalc kids.)

6.  Eat a pi cookie (if you sing a pi song).


Nick Yates said...

Happy pi day to you too! Thanks for celebrating it - even if you are the only one at your school, you are part of a worldwide community of pi enthusiasts!

Patti said...

I'm jealous of teachers who get to celebrate Pi day. It's always spring break in our district.

It sounds like you're going to have a blast!

Anonymous said...

These are some awesome educational activities! :) Would you be willing to share your pi song booklet?