Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ask and you shall receive

It amazes me how generous people can be when you just take the time to ask.

Case #1.  My previously-mentioned paper folding escapade with my Algebra 2 kids last year. All it took for me to get 2 large (!) pieces of paper was an email and a special trip to pick them up. For free.

Case #2. I've been doing some searching this summer to find new projects I can use in Precalc. I've had a little luck finding stuff online and have run across a book called Projects for Precalculus every time I search.  Unfortunately, this book doesn't seem to exist in any stores.  I did, however, find the email address of one of the authors of the book and decided to write. I said I was a precalculus teacher and was interested in his book but wasn't able to find it for sale anywhere. He responded back today and said that it was out of print and then he sent me a copy of the book on pdf.  Can you imagine?!  Twenty-six precalc projects now at my fingertips. For free.

Case #3. One of my twitter friends sent me some files today that I'll be able to use in precalc to help the kids get ready for the AP Calc format.  Twitter.  I can't say enough.  If you're not on twitter, get on it. If you're not hooked up with a good group of teachers to help you, let me know.  You're seriously missing out.  And you know what? It's free.


mccormickmath said...

Funny...I've been looking for precalc projects as well. Would you mind sharing those pdf's?

I found your blog this past summer and I must say it's one of my favorites. Keep on posting!

KFouss said...

I feel kinda weird posting it on here. You're on twitter, right? DM me your email address and I'll send it to you.

Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it. :)

inna said...

I'm a silently reading your blog for awhile. I will teach precal for the first time this fall. Would you mind to share these projects with me too? I'm not on Twitter. Please.

KFouss said...

Inna - send me a note from your email address and I'll forward on the precalc projects. My email is klb925 at gmail dot com.