Friday, May 7, 2010

My precalculus classes are finally finishing up trig - we've been working on it the whole semester so far!  I've never taken this long to get through it, but I think the kids really "got" it and hopefully enjoyed it.  I love trig, so I really enjoyed this semester, and I worked hard to try and find some new different things to do with it.

The past two days we spent working on 6 different application problems.  It's often hard to find good ways to use what we do in class in a real-life situation, which makes me love this assignment even more.  (Here's a link to the word document.)  Although they grumble, I think the kids enjoy doing them.  I even had one girl tell me today that she really liked the problems (seriously!) and did all of them last night at home even though I was giving her time in class to work today, too.  She actually had a disaster happen, though - as she was leaving school yesterday she left her notebook on the top of her car.  As she pulled out into a busy street she saw the papers go flying.  I had to appreciate that she told me she was trying to decide whether it was worth trying to stop and retrieve the papers when she realized that her math assignment was in there... she had it today, tire marks and all.  (Keep in mind that this is a girl who calls me "doll" and "honey"... too funny!).

I tweeted earlier today about her comment and got a nice one in return.

Isn't that nice?  :)

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Thanks for sharing these! I love them!