Monday, February 4, 2013


Last week's Tweet Me hashtag was #WhyILoveAHS.  I thought I'd share some of the funny responses.

  • I have teachers who care about my education and help me learn!
  • I love AHS because everyone can find something they like and everyone feels welcome.
  • Sports and friends
  • Mrs. Fouss!!! < 3
  • Football and baseball
  • Donkey basketball!  (That was from me.)
  • Because I can dress crazy.
  • Because of our awesome swimteam!!!
  • It's a great learning environment
  • Basketball and because it's so easy
  • I have made so many new friends, and I love Mrs. Fouss!  
  • I have a love for bugs and AHS is filled with plenty! No. . . I am just kidding. I actually like AHS because I like the music programs and sports games.
  • Because I love school.
  • Because I get to see friends and Mrs. Fouss!
  • Because our lunch food on homestyle chicken tenders day tastes good.
  • I can practice cockroach smashing.
  • All the students and staff work hard to ensure that success is shared by all.
  • My house is more boring & I < 3 my teachers and friends.
  • Because cats!
    • retweeted by @Jesse
    • favorited by @sophie
    • @sophie No.  (from @Daniel)
    • @Daniel Yes. (from @Sophie)
    • @Daniel @Sophie C'mon guys, peace & love. #don'thate  (from @Darcy)
  • Because @Mikey is here.
    • RT @chet: "Because Mikey is here." You too big guy. (From @Mikey)
  • The giant cockroaches and the smell of sweat and fear!

My quote for the week was one by Albert Einstein.  One of the funny responses I got:
"Albert Einstein was a light in a dark world. He enlightened his followers through  many scientific equations. He also got bad grades because he was bored. His hair was a demonstration of a bad haircut."

I'd used a Disney font for the quote because it was something about using your imagination.
Another response:

Some of these kids really make me laugh.


Simplifying Radicals said...

What a great way to connect with your students outside of school. I'm stealing this idea!

KFouss said...

Steal away! It's been fun. :)