Monday, February 11, 2013

What is a perfect man?

Because I can't resist sharing these...

Last week's quote:
"Perfect numbers like perfect men are very rare." - Rene Descartes

Some of the more interesting responses:
She is saying a perfect man is rare and she relates it to the variety of perfect numbers. She obviously never had a boyfriend.

I am no expert on relationships, but from my ranting friends, I think that perfect numbers are less rare and more reliable than "perfect" men. At least perfect numbers never change. Men may seem perfect at first, but then they always end up changing.

Perfect #s are rare and so are men who haven't been infected by psychotic women.

If there's a so called "perfect" guy I feel like he'd get really annoying really fast.

Perfect men aren't rare. It's just that some girls don't look in the right places. Guys do it also. People's expectations are sometimes too high since everyone has flaws, it's hard to find that "perfect person".

This is not true. There are plenty of perfect men, ______ for example.

Here I am.

Except for me.

Agree! Men as a gender are not perfect as many women have pointed out. Men as a human race are also imperfect.

This quote is not talking about men as a gender. it is saying men as in all humans. Humans all have imperfections. In the real world, numbers usually do not work perfectly. In my experience in construction, no matter how perfectly something is measured and cut, the board rarely fits perfectly. According to numbers it should, but it doesn't. This shows how numbers are rarely perfect.

I agree with this quote because a perfect man is very hard to find, like perfect numbers. You only come across these things if you're lucky.

I disagree because there are lots of attractive boys I know!

It's a lie, all numbers are perfect so if all numbers are like men, then all men are perfect. Boom.

And one to finish on. . .
I disagree because Hannah Montana once said "Nobody is Perfect" and that is totally true.

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