Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow Day!

It seems like it's been years since we've had a snow day. Oh, wait. It has been years! And then yesterday a miracle occurred. The snow that was predicted actually came... it didn't start until 10 pm-ish and continued through the night. Everyone knows that it's all about the timing, right?!

After being rudely awoken by my 6-year old at 8:30, I sent a tweet out to my classes:

Do some math on your snow day! Send me a pic of you doing math in the snow. Make a unit circle, calculate the diameter of a snow man, etc.

Tweet or email me your pictures before midnight. And have fun!

(I also posted it on schoology (our online portal) so that everyone had a chance to see it... not just those on twitter.)

It took a few hours (I guess they got to sleep in!) but then I started receiving some pictures. You gotta love when kids do math on their day off!

Here are some of the entries:

I did this a couple of years ago, too. 

I'm bummed (but not surprised) that none of my Algebra 1 students did anything.

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