Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two days down...

Oh so tired. I don't know about the rest of you, but it takes me a good 2 weeks to get back in "school shape". I think all the extra sleep hours I stored up from this summer are already gone; who decided that 7:20 was a good time to start school anyway?!

Everything's gone pretty good so far. The QR Code activity that I did in precalc went over well; the kids really for the gist of what we'll be learning this year. It worked out well for the first day, too, since one of my classes had their class meetings during precalc, so they didn't really miss anything.

My Algebra 1 groups (honors and general) started their INBs today; we got twice as much done in honors, though I'm not surprised. Two-thirds of my general class are on IEPs (including a girl from Cambodia who speaks no English). One of our special ed teachers is supposed to be in there on a daily basis, so that's nice. I haven't had any trouble with the kids, but one of them did tell me that his favorite number was 69... because it's his football number. Uh huh. He could be one to keep an eye on.

My precalc classes are pretty unbalanced; I've got 28, 23, and 19. Then today I got an email saying that I'm going to get a new student in my class of 28... so not only is it getting bigger but it totally messes up my 4-desk groups. It was probably irrational of me but I was ticked. (I'm going to blame it on the tired thing.) Still trying to figure out what to do with that extra desk. (I'm totally going to ignore the fact that last year I had 2 precalcs at 32 and 33 and my "small" one was 27.)

Hubby just asked if it was ok if he goes out with a friend tomorrow night... He's obviously learned that I probably won't be awake past 9 pm. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh...69. My 8th graders just love to giggle at that number. It is true, those that say it early in the year, tend to be the boys that I have under my thumb the rest of the year. :) Good luck!

Emily Steinmetz said...

I feel you on the "adding" students. I have been in school for just shy of 4 weeks.. and what do they do Friday, add a student! I already have all my procedures laid down and my class knows what is expected at all times... So I grabbed my most chatty and outgoing student, paired up the new one with him and hopefully my class will not miss a beat! Besides throwing off your seating chart, do you have a way to get them caught up on the non-instructional material they have missed?