Sunday, April 8, 2012

Post-Spring Break...

We're heading back to school tomorrow for a whopping 38 days of school (including exams). Today is the first day I turned on my computer to do anything that has to do with school. It was a nice break!

I'm trying to do some catching up on my Google Reader, so I thought I'd post some links that I enjoyed...
1.  Lisa Henry added a CCSS page to her blog.  It's much better than mine right now. :)

2.  I saw this a few weeks ago but don't think I mentioned it. Dan Meyer started a website called 101 Questions. It's a take on the #anyqs convo on twitter.

3.  Vi Hart vs. Sal Khan. Awesome.  (If you haven't seen any of her videos, you  need to. Go.)

4.  Kate Nowak posted some videos that go through the majority of an Algebra 1 course. Wow. (Here's her description of why.)  Our tech guru in my district would like me to look into the idea of the flipped classroom; these could be an amazing resource. Thanks, Kate!

That gets me through about half of what I haven't read lately. And I just realized that I promised the kids new seating charts tomorrow. Dang. I hate making seating charts.


Crystal Kirch said...

Just saw your note on the flipped classroom and thought I would comment. I've been flipping high school math all year and it's been a great experience. If you have any questions, let me know. I've found a great blogging and twitter community of flipping teachers that are a great help and support system with the huge shift in mindset.

My blog is

KFouss said...

Crystal -

Thanks so much! I'll definitely check out your blog... and I might start to pester you with questions, too! :)