Monday, October 25, 2010

Fear on a Monday.... kinda.

I walked into school this morning to discover two unpleasant surprises.

1.  Neither of our copiers are working.  I vaguely remember on Friday leaving with today's precalc worksheet un-copied thinking that I would just do them this morning.  So much for that!  I know that going paperless is a great goal, but not when it's thrust upon you at the last moment.  I ended up projecting the worksheet and printed 5 - 6 copies that I spread around the room.  I also told the kids that I'd put the worksheet up on the blog so they could get to the problems at home/later.

2.  There was a note from one of our assistant principals in my mailbox. "I plan to observe your class on Wednesday, October 27th during period 3."  Ack.  I know it'll be fine (as long as the kids don't go crazy like they did when Lisa was here!) and for goodness sake, the guy's an art teacher.  He really won't have a clue as to what's going on.  He observed me once several years ago - I didn't have much of a plan that day; we were just looking at some polar graphs on our calculators.  I threw some equations at them, had them graph, and we looked for patterns.  I felt so unorganized and random, but he absolutely loved it...  I think it was the artistic nature of the math and the "cool pictures".

My plan for Wednesday is to graph rational functions.  We'll discuss asymptotes and such tomorrow but not really get into much graphing.  I'm thinking I'll pull out the whiteboards for the kids to use in class as we practice - I think he'll (and they'll) like that.

The observation conference is scheduled for Thursday 2nd period.  At least I don't have to wait in suspense for long.  But until then I'm sure I'll be nervous and anxious!  And I'm totally not an anxious type of person.

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