Monday, September 24, 2012

Organization (#Made4Math)

I found a new website on Friday that I'm going to use for my #Made4Math submission (and this is just a total coincidence because it's a Monday and I was typing this today!).

I've been keeping track of students who don't turn in assignments using Hedge's SWHHW form.  But after having the students fill out the quarter-sheet piece of paper, I wasn't sure what to do with them.  I'd been throwing them in a little crate with the idea of one day sorting them to go so I could talk with parents at conferences about why their son/daughter wasn't doing their homework.  But you all know they were never going to get organized!

Until I saw an app called Three Ring.  It's billed as an app to "Quickly and easily digitize student work and build the resource for authentic assessment in your classroom."  I guess you could use it to take pictures or videos of student work/performances so you have evidence?  Anyway, I'm using it to take pictures of each of the forms the kids fill out (using my iPad, but I think you could do it on your phone, too), and then I can assign it to an individual student (or class, if necessary). It's searchable by student or class.

Here's the link to Three Ring in the app store.


Anna said...

Awesome idea! I was doing a similar thing with the notes, but saving the pictures in Evernote (1 note per student, tagged with the class name), but I was worried about my Evernote getting cluttered. This sounds perfect!

KFouss said...

@Anna - Glad I found something that might help someone else, too! I'm really liking Three Ring so far. :)

druin said...

This looks really cool - I shared this post with some of my colleagues :) Thanks so much!