Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A few comments.

I'm actually ready for 7th period today (this is my plan period, and I'm usually getting ready for my last class of the day!) so I thought I'd post a couple of things I've been thinking about.

1.  I had a nice comment from a fellow math teacher yesterday while I was running on the treadmill (less than 2 weeks until my half marathon!).  He said that as a football coach he talks to a lot of the guys about their classes and how they're doing and has never heard anything bad about my class.  The guys all enjoy it and think I'm a great teacher and explain things well.  So nice to know!

2.  In precalc we just finished up the fractal unit that I put together (here).  The kids enjoyed it; some got into it more than others, of course, but it was at least something new for most of them. A few people said that it's changed how they're looking at their surroundings, checking to see if things are forming fractals at all. I thought that was pretty cool!  I scrambled and found some of the long skinny balloon-animal balloons (on clearance at Target!  woo hoo!) and several groups made a tetrahedron balloon fractal (check out Vi Hart's instructions here) that I hung from the ceiling.  Just in time to look good for conferences. :)  Or not so good, in some of the cases!

3.  One of my Algebra 2 girls (who is totally rocking it right now... somewhat surprising to me because I had her older brother last year and he really struggled) asked me the other day if I was the only person who teaches the Honors Precalc class.  She was kind of upset that I am because she said it's making her want to take the class.  (I think there's a compliment in there!)  I told it was really early to be deciding that and we'll talk about it later in the year, but at this rate I think she's a shoo-in.

4.  Parent conferences are tonight, so it's one of those 13+ hour days that you only dream about (or have nightmares about!) over the summer.  We went to all appointment times this year (as opposed to our normal division of some walk-ins and some appointments) and mine are all full.  I'm not looking forward to the constant  talking but at least the evening will go quickly!

5.  I keep getting emails that people are adding me on Google+.  I'm honestly wondering why (and where these people are coming from!).  I haven't been on Google+ since it first came out and have posted a total of probably 2 comments.  Anyone else this way?  I'm perfectly happy with Twitter as a professional resource.

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