Sunday, August 14, 2011

Memory loss

With opening day just a little over a week away, I'm trying to get a little more specific with what I want to do starting out in each class... and yet when I sat down to do that, I couldn't remember exactly how I'd opened last year.  Thank goodness for this blog!  Just checked out the archives and found my description of what I did last year (it's here).  Whatever did I do before blogging? :)


I typed that a few hours ago with the best of intentions to get some work done tonight for Algebra 1 (my kinda new prep). And then I got distracted with my first day stuff.  Last year @lmhenry9 made up a prezi to show the kids the answers to her Quiz about her and I thought about doing that but it would've taken me forever to make (I'm not the most proficient with prezi).  So I fell back on the good old powerpoint.  And 3 hours later, it's done!  (Seriously?!  Obsess much?!)

It was fun to make, though, and hopefully the kids will enjoy it. :)


Amy Gruen said...

I am glad I am not the only one who dreads the first day -- it must be the hardest day of the year to plan. I always want to do something interesting and different, but then I end up with a boring survey or something. Thank you for the quiz about me idea, I am going to do that this year!

KFouss said...

I hate the first day like no other. I hate not knowing the kids and trying to get back in some sort of a routine. Luckily, by day 2 I'm fine again. :)