Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two weeks down...

I have to admit that I haven't done a lot of school work so far this summer.  Did I say a lot?  I mean any.

I have been busy, though!  The kids and I have been to Coney Island (our local swimming favorite) several times, a local water park several times, Kings Island several times, the library, strawberry-picking, baseball games and practices, dance rehearsals and recitals, and the zoo.  That's work enough!  They're spending this week with my parents so I'm hoping for some time to get some thoughts down and some pre-organization work done... along with some quiet pool time, some quiet reading time, and some napping time.  Hmmm.... maybe I'll call my mom and see if she'll keep the kids an extra week! :)

A couple of things that I want to think about this week:
1.  SBG.  I thought about it last year and wasn't ready for it.  Now I'm thinking I may try it in a class.  I have two "singleton" classes this year - CP Algebra 2 and Honors Algebra 1.  I think both of those would be prime candidates and now I just need to figure out which class to do it in.
Pros for Algebra 1:  The topics are easier (for me), the class is more of a stepping stone and needs to be known backwards and forwards
Pros for Algebra 2: A LOT of fundamental math that the kids will need for future classes... and those ideas aren't always made so clear for them (or the importance of them, anyway)

2.  I really want to organize my Precalc stuff.  What do I want to cover when?  How do I want to cover it?  I've bought some time with my summer work... now I just need to take advantage of it!

I was just playing with a website called Flubaroo, which uses google docs to do a self-grading quiz (and will even e-mail the students their results!).  That could definitely be a cool think to use, especially when checking these kids on their summer work.  Hmmm....

Oh, and I've officially had my first back-to-school dream (nightmare?).  It was depressing... normally they don't happen until at least August!

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Zachary S said...

I had a crazy back to school nightmare the other night. I think it has something to do with teaching a new subject in a new school in a new state and feeling completely and utterly unprepared. Now that I am actually working to improve I think I may be able to put my mind at ease.