Monday, April 11, 2011

Change of plans!

I spent waaaaay too much time in class today having to go over arithmetic and geometric sequences.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time for mathematical induction (which I know I'll need lots of time for) so for probably the first time all year the kids didn't have an assignment to work on.  They were rather upset.... not.  I'm hoping that the cheering and applauding didn't disturb the classes around us!

I'm going to be out on Thursday and Friday for #nctm11, so not getting done what I wanted to today changes my plans.  Originally, I was going to do this:
Mon: Mathematical Induction
Tues: Review/practice
Weds: Binomial Theorem
Thurs/Fri: Review all (plus sequences) for quiz next week
I found this picture on flickr... the caption said
it's from a subway station in Portland.  Random.

Now what I'm thinking is this:
Mon: Sequences
Tues: Mathematical Induction
Weds: Review/practice
Thurs/Friday:  Exploration into Pascal's Triangle

This new version will probably be more fun for the kids (hopefully).  I'm going to give them some stuff about the history and patterns in Pascal's Triangle for Thursday then the application of it (expansion of binomials, combinations) on Friday.  I think this'll work.

When I decided to do this during my plan bell 2nd period today, I checked out my links on diigo as a starting point (they're here if you're interested).  It's so nice to have resources available!

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