Friday, January 7, 2011

Predicting the Future

I mentioned previously about a meeting that I'm going to be attending in the beginning of February addressing how technology might be used in a future math class.  I'd love some input.

I was sent a draft agenda to preview some of the topics.  If you have any opinions, please chime in!

1.  Building a Vision for the Future:  What will the educational world be like in 5-10 years?
  • What will the structure/curriculum/assessment look like?
2.  Checking Assumptions:  In thinking about this vision, what assumptions are we making about students/teachers/technology?
  • What kind of delivery platform do you see (book/CD/DVD/handheld/mini-computer/laptop/podcast/web-based)?
  • Do you think social networking will change this vision?
3.  Drawing on Expertise:  Who can we learn from that are doing promising things?
  • Within/outside the US
  • Math/Non-math
4.  Specific Concerns:  How might we refine our vision or build on it in light of these specific issues:
  • Curricular forms
  • Teacher Interface
  • Student Access and Opportunities
  • General (more personal experiences of good stuff)

I don't know how much I'll be able to contribute, but I'm really interested in hearing what other people have to say. I'm actually going to meet with one of our district tech ladies - she's got some great ideas but she's also coming from the viewpoint of a former elementary teacher.  That's great for some of the general tech stuff, but we all know how much better different the secondary math world is. :)

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