Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday blahs.

So it's Monday  morning and I'm a little irritated.

1.  My kids were in sloooooow motion this morning which made us run late.  Not like I-walked-in-school-after-the-bell late, but we missed my goal departure time of 6:33 by 6 minutes.  Whatever.  (Yes, 6:33 a.m..  That should be against the law.)

2.  My son forgot his pop-tart breakfast at home and I had to give him some of my lunch (banana and granola bar) to eat.  They normally eat at the sitter's.  Who cares that he ate a healthier breakfast than he'd planned;  I'm now missing half of my lunch.

3.  I was curious about the 8 empty desks in my room first period (normally there's only one) and asked what was going on.  Turns out it's senior skip day.  Really?  In November?  C'mon.  The kids have tomorrow off (teachers have inservice) for Election Day, so I guess they decided to take a 4-day weekend.  Irritating.  The kids that need to be here the most in precalc weren't.  The test on Thursday should be fun.  I'd planned to play Jeopardy with them on Wednesday...  now I don't wanna.  And I feel like I'm acting like a teenager in pouting.  Bleh.  Oh, and it's not like the kids are actually "skipping" - they've all been called in by Mom or Dad.  Mark my words - I WILL NOT DO THAT WHEN MY KIDS ARE SENIORS.  You skip, you pay the consequences.  Go to school, darnit!

4.  That beautiful sun that I enjoy so much is shining right in my eyes, but I'm too lazy to get up and close the blinds.

5.  My radio is officially dead so I've been listening to a great local radio station online ( if you're interested) but today it's not loading.  (I had to resort to my Bon Jovi pandora station.)

6.  I'm really not looking forward to this evening.  My daughter has her first dance class (which she's so so so excited about) but that means I get to sit and wait with my first grader for an hour.  Then we go to his karate class for half an hour.  Then I get to take them to get their flu shots.  Not looking forward to the crying/whining about that!

This may be a 2 Cherry Coke Zero day.  I normally limit myself to one.

Is it Tuesday yet?

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Lisa said...

Our seniors skipped today also - and yes, several were "called off" by mom or dad. I only had half a Calculus class - we were GOING to start definition of derivative but I can't do that with half my class out (especially since they already struggle). UGH!

I feel your pain today.