Monday, November 2, 2009

I received a Google Wave invite from a follower on Twitter... but now what? My username is, so please add me if you have it! I'm thinking that it's like Twitter and it's all about who you follow and who follows you. Time will tell!

I started probability today in my general classes; instead of just going right into the new info, I had the kids all grab a white board and marker and eraser and told them to draw 5 dashes. I set up the random number generator on my virtual TI (on my tablet... I mean, on my colleague's tablet - I still don't have mine!). Their goal was to get the biggest number possible by placing the digits as I gave them. The kids seemed to enjoy it - they wanted to add additional spaces and then we switched to the smallest number possible. I gave the student in each class with the most wins some extra credit. After we finished, we talked about the probability of making the number 99999 - they were amazed to find out that you'd have a 1 in 100000 chance of getting 5 nines in a row! It was a great intro to what we'd be talking about. Many thanks to Dave Marain at MathNotations for the idea!

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