Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've been working with OneNote lately - I think I'm going to switch from using Windows Journal to it this year (we've got new books, so it's a great time to start something new!). Now I'm trying to figure out if I can upload my notes onto my class blog (which is here, but there's nothing really on it yet!). I'd like to be able to link an image without having to go to slideshare first. Hmm. I may have to go to Twitter with this issue!

Later. . .

It doesn't look like there's a way to do want I want to do. :P I guess I'll have to go through slideshare and then embed the file.


Sam said...

I responded to your tweet, but I also thought this might be of interest.

I am guessing that you want to post your notes to the web for students, who likely don't have ON. This makes PDF your best bet.

Unfortunately "printing" from ON can create some ugly messes.

This article guides you in making pages better suited for "printing" or pdfing.

tech guy said...

You have multiple options on how to publish. You could publish as PDF like Sam says above.

OneNote will also let you publish as HTML and MHT which can be viewed with a browser.

You also have this option:
This allows you to enter your blog settings into OneNote (and Word if you choose) and it will publish directly there. I haven't tested it myself. OneNote is my "to do" this year as well.

math teacher said...

Thanks Mark.

It looks like I'd need Word '07 (we currently only have '03), so I might ask around about upgrading. It certainly would be a nice option!